PIERRE, S.D. (March 6, 2024) – The South Dakota Ethanol Producers Association applauds the South Dakota Legislature for passing a package of compromise bills that will provide the nation’s first Landowner Bill of Rights along with needed regulatory certainty for CO2 pipelines.

“Thank you to Leader Crabtree and Leader Mortenson for their steadfast determination to make sure this was a good deal for landowners and for businesses looking to create long-lasting economic development in this state. We applaud the South Dakota legislators who supported farmers, landowners, and ethanol with this compromise,” said Walt Wendland, SD Ethanol Producers Association Board President. “This legislation is pro-landowner, pro-business, pro-farmer, and pro-ethanol. It’s a win-win for all South Dakotans.”

Leveraging carbon capture in South Dakota to further decarbonize ethanol provides new market opportunities and adds value to every bushel of corn and every acre of land.